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1.2: Ultra Heavy Element
Discovered New Ultra Heavy Elements

It seems that have been discovered new ultra heavy elements and isotopes. Take a look at (elements 112, 114, 116 and 118). It seems also that new isotopes of elements 114, 112, 110, 108, 106 (and perhaps 104 and so on down) have been created as result of decayment of element 118.
However for a more precise source (as WebElements is full of errata, many of which it's author is trying to fix), contact the laboratories that have created those new elements.
 " Three atoms of element 118 (ununoctium, Uuo) were synthesizesed by fusing krypton-86 (8636Kr) with lead-208 (20882Pb) in experiments conducted at at The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, (California, USA), The University of Calfornia (USA), and Oregon State University, Corvallis (USA). It is very shortlived and decomposes to element 116."

- Excerp taken from WebElements - element 118.

Thank you very much for the information. However, my table of nuclides
serves the information about the nuclide, when the mass of the nuclide
is known.

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