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2.1: Decay Data
170Yb decay mode

On your site, the nuclide 70-Yb-170 is stated as being as stable.
From another source, I have seen 70-Yb-170 as being unstable with t1/2 of   >=1.6E+17 years with decay by 2B-
The source from which the 70-Yb-170 nuclide is reported of 2B- decay is from the "Nuclear Wallet Cards" (January 2000, 6th edition) by Jagdish K. Tuli.

If this is the case then;
 70-Yb-170  ->  72-Hf-170  (by 2B-)
 72-Hf-170  ->  71-Lu-170  (by Electron Capture)
 71-Lu-170  ->  70-Yb-170  (by Electron Capture)

Here, 70-Yb-170 is both the initial parent, and final daughter ?

Have you had any verification from the source concerning the

70-Yb-170, 2B-

What was the misprint? The 2B- ?

There is a typographical error the T1/2 and decay mode is for 176Yb and
not 170Yb. I am sorry for the mistake.

                                           - Jag Tuli -

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