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2.1: Decay Data

I found a major discrepancy between the your library (presumably the NUDAT database) and other sources.  Your library reports the following half-lifes:
        Rh102 = 207 day,  Rh102m =2.9 years.
Whereas the  Joint Evaluated File (JEF) library, the Erdtmann and Soyka database, and the "The Chart of the Nuclides" report:
        Rh102 = 2.9 year, Rh102m = 207 day.
Do you have any information concerning this discrepancy?

The Table of Nuclides is based on the NUDAT (by NNDC/BNL). NUDAT is based on ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure and Decay File). So the US origin or Japanese data files use the value recommended by ENSDF.
However, I have found that The Karlsruher Nukidekarte (1981) says that:
  The assignment of decay properties to the metastable or ground state is uncertain.
I do not have recent KfK chart.
However,  Chart of Nuclides by General Electric,  Japanese Nuclear Data commitee
has same value as NUDAT.

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