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2.1: Decay Data
Lr-257 and Se-82

 I found there are two stange data in NUDAT database.
1) For Lr-257, the branch ratio for the spontaeneous fission appears to
  Can I read it as <=0.0065 ?
2) For Se-82 2 beta decay the half life appears as
  1.08E+20(+26-6) Y
  The Wallet gives 1.1E+20(+3-1) Y
  However, the ENSDF entry gives 1.4E+20(0.4).
  Which one is correct ?

1. For 257Lr there should be no SF branch.
2. For 82Se (2b-) ENSDF value is 1.08E+20 Y +26-6 but in my revised wallet cards
  I am going to quote 0.83E+20 Y 12. One of the problems with 2b- decay is
  there is more than one value depending upon the decay mode is 2b-0nu or
  2b-2nu (nu is neutrino), for my latest revision of Wallet Cards (in progress)
  I have decided to give the lower limit.
                                                - Jag Tuli -

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