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2.2: Integral Cross Section
Resonance integral for Ni-58(n,p)

I found a resonance integral for Ni-58 (n,p) reaction of several
millibarns on the Website data page.  Since this is a threshold reaction at
about 1.9 Mev with a maximum of 600 millibarns in the Mev region is the
resonance integral for energies less than 1 Mev 858.7 mb correct?  I
suspect an error in the data set or the data to Web site conversion?

The Ni-58(n,p) reaction was exotic reaction with Q=0.402 MeV. So it is not
threshold reaction.
However, practical thresold of the reaction was 0.5 MeV.
 Since the resonance integral is defined as integral of sig(E)/E from 0.5
eV to 20 MeV,
the resonance integral can be larger than the average or peak cross section.
Anyway, the resonance integral other than capture and fission is not used
in practical work.

The value of 858.7 mb is correct ( within evaluation limit ) when we follow
the definition.

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