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2.3: Chart of Nuclides
Error in Color of Nuclides (Mo-100)

The chart shows Mo-100 in blue as stable, buut it should be naturally radioactive, according to the text data.

At-215 should not be colored Natural Radioactive (black) as its half-life is only 0.10 MS.
Also, for rhenium thru thorium you left out the key to what the colors mean.

Element page Ta lists Ta-180 ( 0.012% , 8.152 H ) which is impossible. Ta-180 page repeats this but shows Meta state at 0.075 Mev with Half life: >1.2E+15 Y.  Probably should be reversed.

I have released new web server at
But still keep old one.

 Mo-100 is dark gray in new web site.

 Thank you very much for the acute bug report. I have fixed this problem now.

I am appreciating very much for you effort to check the Table of Nuclides service.
Please check out New Web server on and if you have idea
let me know it.

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