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3.2: Features of ENDFPLOT
Interpolation scheme

I have a quick question.  When the nuclei and reaction is chosen, the program allows for three types of output: Gif, Jpg, or raw text.  For the raw text options, are the data points linearly interpolatable?  If not, what kind of interpolation should be used?

 For MCNP ACE library, it uses Linear-Linear interpolation.
For ENDFs, the ENDFPLOT has deficiency not to interpolated correctly.
For ENDF, there are 5 possibility.
 Linear-linear , Linear-log, log-linear, log-log, and step.
However ENDFPLOT do not give information for the interpolation scheme.
I am sorry for this problem. When you wish to know the interpolation scheme of certain nuclide/reaction/energy range. Then I can answer the question.

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