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3.2: Features of ENDFPLOT
Error in multiple plot

If I specify "pu-241(e)=1,102,18" for (ENDF evaluation) in the nuclide field, the script fails to provide the cross-section in text format.

But if I specify "pu-241=1,102,18", the script works.

There are many problems ENDFPLOT. One of them is for multiple plot.
It cannot handle correctly the mutiple plot in textform for ENDFs.

In the first case, ENDFPLOT uses ENDF/B library and fall into trouble.
In the second case, ENDFPLOT uses MCNP/ACE format library derived from ENDF/B and works correctly.

This problem occurs because ACE library uses simple linear-linear interpolation and ENDFs uses 5 different interpolation laws (lin,log,step). When we require multiple plot in text file. The energy grid must be matched for the different reaction data which has different energy grid each other. This complicated problem introduce the error.

Anyway, I have to find a time to fix the bug in future. I recommend you to use,
Multiple text plot using MCNP library.
The text plot using ENDF library also bears the problem of interpolation law.

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