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4.1: Neutron Data
Water Cross section at Low energy

I'm looking for a plot of the singly-differential cross sections of water, for example (but also heavy water and polyethylene, if possible), expressed in barns, as a function of the incident neutron energy (from, say, thermal energies to 10^7 eV). I've been able to retrieve from ENDF the S(a,b) functions and plots, but I was looking for plots of cross-sections properly, much like those of U-235, for instance, provided by Kaeri, Jaeri or BNL.
Elastic scattering, capture, total and inelastic cross-sections will be enough.
Even plots from experimental data will be good, if evaluated data are not available.
I know that for a simple calculation it is sufficient to sum properly the single cross sections for every element in the compound, but this is not easy to do if one has only plots and not tables of the numerical data; also below the 1 eV region the chemical bond and structure affects the scattering very much.
Do you think that it will be possible to have plots of these cross-sections?

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