What is ENDFPLOT-2
ENDFPLOT is a CGI program to generate graphs from the MCNP library data and/or Point wise ENDF library.
How to generate a graph
(1) Select a library, a nuclide, then a reaction. When you specifies a dataset, it appears at top part of screen after a checkbox.
(2) After select all of the reactions you wish to compare, click PLOT button at top left corner.
(3) Now, you are entering a FORM screen with graph at middle.
Adjusting Color
Dataset color can be selected from the list at upper part of screen. You HAVE TO press PLOT button after adjustment to have new graph.
Adjusting Axe type and Ranges
Upper and Lower limits of energy, Axes type (log or linear) can be given by filling a form at bottom side of screen. Default maximum energy is fixed as 20 MeV. Default maximum cross section is fixed as 106 barns. You HAVE TO press PLOT button after adjustment to have new graph.
EPS file
EPS file can be obtained. You can edit "Bounding Box" of the EPS file.
Obtaining TEXT data.
Text data can be saved on your computer by clicking right mouse button on "Text" link. When you include multiple datasets with resonance part, the data quantity are large and the process time is also large. However you can have good data file for your Graphic software.
Another plot
Click "Back to selection" link at the bottom of screen.
Your OWN data.
If you have your own ENDF file for plotting, you can upload it on the Temporal ENDF files (tmpendf) directory. And you can use it. After use, you can delete it too.
I am always appreciating any comment on this web service. jhchang@kaeri.re.kr