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Tritium is used for life science and drug metabolism studies to ensure the safety of potential new drugs... for self-luminous aircraft and commercial exit signs... for luminous dials, gauges and wrist watches...and to produce luminous paint.
  • Atomic Mass: 3.0160493 +- 0.0000000 amu
  • Excess Mass: 14949.794 +- 0.001 keV
  • Binding Energy: 8481.821 +- 0.004 keV
  • Beta Decay Energy: B- 18.591 +- 0.001 keV
"The 1995 update to the atomic mass evaluation" by G.Audi and A.H.Wapstra, Nuclear Physics A595 vol. 4 p.409-480, December 25, 1995.
  • Spin: 1/2+
  • Half life: 12.33 years
  • Mode of decay: Beta to He-3
    • Decay energy: 0.019 MeV

  • Possible parent nuclides:
    Neutron emission from H-4
R.R.Kinsey, et al.,The NUDAT/PCNUDAT Program for Nuclear Data,paper submitted to the 9 th International Symposium of Capture-Gamma_raySpectroscopy and Related Topics, Budapest, Hungary, Octover 1996.Data extracted from NUDAT database (Jan. 14/1999)
Magnetic Dipole Moments and Electric Quadrupole Moments
Ex(kev)T1/2Spin    m(nm)    Q(b)    Ref. Std.MethodReference
012.33 y1/2+ +2.97896244(4) [1H]"N,R"ZETF 72 1659 (77)
N. J. Stone, Table of Nuclear Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Moments, to be published.  2000 Courtesy of T. Burrows at BNL/NNDC.