1. The Shilla Jeju Hotel is chosen as the venue of the ND2010 after full considerations.

The ND2010 conference will be held at the Shilla Jeju Hotel, one of Korea's leading luxury resorts, locating at the vicinity of Jungmun, Jeju Island, Korea. The Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex could meet every standard for international conventions with hotels, lodging, travel, leisure, as well as the warm hospitality of Jeju islanders.

At the Shilla Jeju Hotel, you can enjoy one of the best locations on the southern coast of this subtropical, volcanic island - sprawling over 21 acres of dramatic cliff-top grounds, overlooking the sea. Its design is Mediterranean in style, its gleaming white exterior surrounded by magnificently manicured gardens.

It is an ideal, idyllic spot for vacationers and honeymooners, while it also has hosted some of Korea's most important visitors in the past decade. For instance, in 1996 The Shilla Jeju made world news when U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered an address to the international media from the hotel's gardens. And engraved plaques in the sumptuous royal and presidential suites commemorate the stays of some of the world's most powerful leaders

- including not only Mr. Clinton, but Mikhail Gorbachev, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Ryutaro Hashimoto, and Keio Obuchi.

The room rates (per night) are negotiated with the reasonable price as

- the KRW165,000 for Mountain View
- the KRW215,000 for Ocean View

The detail information about the room reservation and rate can be found on the venue page.

2. The venue is updated: "Flight information and Transportation from Jeju International Airport to Shilla Jeju Hotel"

The venue has been updated and it includes

- Flight information
- Transportation from Jeju International Airport to Shilla Jeju Hotel

More information will be updated. Please keep checking the homepage.