Source of Data

The atomic mass, mass excess and binding energy per A were taken from 2020 Atomic Mass Evaluation at AMDC.

The half-life, excitation energy and decay mode were taken from 2020 Nubase Evaluation at AMDC.

The abundance was obtained from Nuclear Wallet Cards (8th edition) published by NNDC, BNL (courtesy of M. Herman and J. Tuli).

The evaluated nuclear data libraries were obtained from the various sites including BNL, JAEA and NEA.

The pointwise cross sections at 300oK on which the plot is based were prepared using the NJOY code.

The image showing the nuclides and their half-lives was produced using data from the 2012 Nubase Evaluation.


The data given in this website were programmatically extracted from the text files, and may contain an error, so please use them at your own risk.

If you find any error or have any suggestion, please let me know. Thank you.