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Energy: - keV.
Half life > days
Strong Intensities.
Output lines.
Energy: energy range.
Half life: the isotope with longer than this half life will be displayed.
Strong intensities will be displayed.
Given lines will be displayed.
This table of gamma- rays is based on ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File) provided by BNL/NNDC.

The result screen will provide links leading to decay diagram.

Many isotope decays with electron capture. In this case, X-rays are emitted. The X-rays which may have 10 keV, are not displayed in this table.
For the beta+ decay, there are 512 keV positron annillation gamma- ray.
Spontaneous fission (SF) generates gamma- rays by the fission products. In this case, the link is not provided.

The meta state of nuclide is expressed as Tc-99m. You must look at half-life to know the level of the meta state.