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Fission Yields
Fissile with Neutron Energy Yields ( sum = 2 )
Direct Accumulated
U-235 with 0.0253 eV 1.86515E-19 1.62517E-10
U-235 with 1.0 MeV 2.47435E-19 1.00810E-14
U-238 with 1.0 MeV 5.59136E-22 6.07272E-17
Pu-239 with 0.0253 eV 4.44469E-17 9.58205E-13
Pu-239 with 1.0 MeV 2.68655E-17 5.54822E-13
CSWEG, ENDF/B-VI Summary Documentation,Report BNL-NCS-17541 (ENDF-201) (1991)