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Question from TON user: Edgar Kiefhaber (Edgar.Kiefhaber@iket.fzk.de)
What is the information included in brackets, i.e.: (+26-6)?
It says 1.08 +0.26 ~ 1.08 -0.06. The error limit is different.
Reply from Originator: Jag Tuli (tuli@bnlnd2.dne.bnl.gov)
For 82Se (2b-) ENSDF value is 1.08E+20 Y +26-6 but in my revised wallet cards
   I am going to quote 0.83E+20 Y 12. One of the problems with 2b- decay is
   there is more than one value depending upon the decay mode is 2b-0nu or
   2b-2nu (nu is neutrino), for my latest revision of Wallet Cards (in progress)
   I have decided to give the lower limit.
3 Dec 1999

  • Atomic Mass: 81.9167000 +- 0.0000022 amu
  • Excess Mass: -77593.439 +- 2.074 keV
  • Binding Energy: 712841.893 +- 2.077 keV
  • Beta Decay Energy: B- -97.496 +- 2.384 keV
"The 1995 update to the atomic mass evaluation" by G.Audi and A.H.Wapstra, Nuclear Physics A595 vol. 4 p.409-480, December 25, 1995.
  • Atomic Percent Abundance: 8.73%
  • Spin: 0+
  • Half life: 1.08E+20(+26-6) years
  • Mode of decay: 2 Beta to Kr-82
    • Decay energy: 2.995 MeV

  • Possible parent nuclides:
    Beta from As-82
R.R.Kinsey, et al.,The NUDAT/PCNUDAT Program for Nuclear Data,paper submitted to the 9 th International Symposium of Capture-Gamma_raySpectroscopy and Related Topics, Budapest, Hungary, Octover 1996.Data extracted from NUDAT database (Jan. 14/1999)
Magnetic Dipole Moments and Electric Quadrupole Moments
Ex(kev)T1/2Spin    m(nm)    Q(b)    Ref. Std.MethodReference
65411.3 ps2+ +0.9(3) IMPACNP A133 310 (69)
-0.22(7) CERNP A2284 123 (77)
N. J. Stone, Table of Nuclear Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Moments, to be published.  2000 Courtesy of T. Burrows at BNL/NNDC.