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ND2010 Program (Poster)
Monday, April 26, 17:00 ~ 18:30
Validation, Benchmarking of Evaluated Data
#1134 J. Blair Briggs Nuclear Data Performance Testing Using Sensitive, but Less Frequently Used ICSBEP Benchmarks
#1147 Alexey Stankovskiy Upgrade and Validation of ALEPH Monte-Carlo Burnup Code with JEFF-3.1.1 Data Library
#1168 Haicheng Wu Benchmarking CENDL-3.1 with Critical Benchmarks
#1315 Bohumil Jansky Neutron and Gamma Spectra Measurement and Calculations Using Different Data Libraries on Nickel Benchmark Assembly
#1382 Mohamed Sawan Impact of FENDL-2.1 Updates on Nuclear Analysis of ITER and Other Fusion Systems
#1385 Isao Murata Thought Experiment Regarding Benchmark Performance for Nuclear Data
#1417 Bohumil Jansky Benchmark Testing of Evaluated Nuclear Data on the Base of Measured Leakage Neutron and Gamma Spectra in Iron and Nickel Spheres with GF-252 Neutron Source
#1452 Christopher Dean Validation of Run-time Doppler Broadening in MONK with JEFF3.1
#1465 Haicheng Wu Integral Test of CENDL-3.1 with Shielding Benchmarks
#1583 Jaewoon Yoo Performance of Up-to-Date Evaluated Nuclear Data Files on Predicted Integral Parameters of Metal Fueled Fast Critical Assemblies
#1588 Hoon Song Analysis of the KALIMER-600 Core with Different Evaluated Nuclear Data Files
#1607 Ji Sung Park Re-evaluations for SINBAD Experiments Using ENDF/B-VII, JEFF-3.1, and JENDL-3.3
#1662 Patrick Sauvan Computational Tools and Nuclear Data for Radioprotection Studies in Light Low-energy Ion Accelerators
#1729 Gil Soo Lee SCALE6 Results of the UACSA Benchmark Excercises in Criticality Bias and Uncertainty
#1742 Choong-Sup Gil 237Np,240Pu,240-250Cm Cross-section Data Evaluations with Covariance Data and Testing for the AFC Developments
#1743 Do Heon KIM Validation of an ENDF/B-VII.0-Based Neutron and Photon Shielding Library in MATXS-Format
#1766 Kang-Seog Kim Benchmark Calculations for the CE Critical Experiments by KARMA 1.1 with ENDF/B-VI R8 and ENDF/B-VII R0
#1773 Mark Cornock The Provision, Maintenance and Validation of Nuclear Data for Use with AWEs Neutronics Modelling Codes
Dosimetry and Shielding Applications
#1395 S. R. Manohara Exposure Buildup Factors for Heavy Metal Oxide Glass: A Radiation Shield
#1410 Cheol Woo Lee Comparison of the Haevy Ion Transport Codes, PHITS and Measurement:  Secondary Particle Production and Residuals
#1418 Hiroshi Yashima Shielding Experiments under JASMIN Collaboration at Fermilab (II) Radioactivity Measurement Induced by Secondary Particles from the Anti-Proton Target
#1421 Sung-chul Yang A Monte Carlo Simulation for the Measurement of Neutron Total Cross Section
#1472 Hiroshi Matsumura Shielding Experiments under JASMIN Collaboration at Fermilab (III): Measurement of High Energy Neutrons Penetrated a Thick Iron Shield from the Anti-Proton Target by Au Activation Method
#1596 Samlai Lee The Evaluation of Neutron Exposure Using Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry in a Commercial Nuclear Reactor Vessel
#1671 Yi Sub Min Design Concept for Radiation Safety System of PEFP
#1698 S. I. Bak Simulation of the Shielding of Neutrons Using 252Cf Source: Comparison of Geant4, MCNP5, Experimental Data
#1700 Sungsik Shin General Purpose Radiation Simulator Generator Based On Geant4
#1705 Hee-Seock Lee Comparison of Shielding Parameters for 100 $\sim$ 230 MeV Proton Accelerator: Attenuation Factor
#1755 Jong Woon Kim An Extension of the Non-Negative Scattering Cross-Section Generation Method for a Three Dimensional Geometry with Unstructured Tetrahedral Mesh
#1759 Arzu Alpan Development of a New Fine-Group Library Based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Reactor Dosimetry and Reactor Internals Applications
#1101 Franz-Josef Hambsch Neutron Emission in Fission of 252Cf(sf)
#1157 Nikolay Kornilov New Attempt for Estimation of np-Scattering Angular Distribution from Recoil Protons into Organic Scintillator
#1158 Nikolay Kornilov Evaluation of the Experimental np-Angular Distribution at 14.1MeV Neutron Energy
Data Dissemination and International Collaboration
#1126 Naohiko Otuka Database for Time-of-Flight Spectra with Their Covariance
#1582 Emmeric Dupont Recent Upgrades to the Nuclear Data Tool JANIS
#1590 Emmeric Dupont Exploratory Data Analysis of the EXFOR Database
Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries and Processing
#1042 Yinlu Han Present Status of Evaluated Nuclear Data Library for Accelerator-Driven Systems in China
#1090 Suhail Ahmad Khan Need for High Temperature Nuclear Data Library for LWR Design Computations
#1205 Korovin Yury High Energy Activation Data Library (HEAD-2009)
#1341 Weili Sun The Evaluations of Neutron Data at 3H and 3He by Using R-Matrix Method
#1441 Chikara Konno Insufficient Self-shielding Correction in JSSTDL-300
#1543 Lee Packer Recent Progress in Neutron-, Proton- and Deuteron-Induced Reaction Nuclear Data for EAF-2010 and the European Activation System
#1576 Sergey Badikov Nuclide Guide and International Chart of the Nuclides 2009
Experimental Facilities and Detection Techniques
#1124  Alexander Svirikhin  The Neutron Detector at the Focal Plane of VASSILISSA Separator
#1148 Pham Ngoc Son  Measurement of Quasi-Monoenergetic Neutron Spectra from Filtered Neutron Beams
#1373 Arjan Plompen Method Developping and Testing for Inelastic Scattering Measurements at the GELINA Facility
#1379 Jun Goto  Design of a 4π LaBr3(Ce) Spectrometer for Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements
#1504 Samuel Andriamonje  A Transparent Detector for n TOF Neutron Beam Monitoring
#1508 Marco Calviani A new 2D-Micromegas detector for neutron beam diagnostic at n_TOF
#1585  Changwook Son  STAR Asian Computing Center for Heavy Ion Analysis Computing Certer at KISTI with PNU
#1586 Changwook Son Research and Development of Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector Prototype for CBM
#1592 Xichao Ruan  Development of a Facility for Research of Charged Particle Emission Induced by Fast Neutron Reactions
#1595  Min Sang Ryu  FOPI Detector for Heavy-Ion Collision Experiment at SIS/GSI
#1616  Tae-Yung Song  Development of a Neutron TOF Facility at KAERI
#1626  Mihee Jo Gas  Mixture Dependence of the Performance for the Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chambers
#1642 Joon Yeon Kim  The Development of the Bunch Length Detector (BLD)
#1693  Seungsu Shin  Cosmic-Ray Prompt Analysis of the RPC for the CMS/LHC Experiment
#1694  Bongsun Moon  Development of Six-Gap Resistive Plate Chambers for High-Rate Particle Triggers
#1703  Jong-Yun Kim  Detector Response of He-3 Gas Proportional Counter in a Neutron Moderation Method
#1724 Milan Stefanik  Project of New Irradiation System on Horizontal Channel of Training Reactor VR-1
#1731 Andrey Ni First Test of the CTOF@CLAS12 Detector Prototype Counter with Proton Beams
#1746 Doh Yun Jang Design and Performance Evaluation of Compact Neutron Monitor for Measurement of Cosmic-ray
#1747 Jeong Soo Kang  Performance Studies of the He-4 Proportional Counter for Fast Neutron Detection
#1749  Byounghwi Kang  Design and Performance Evaluation of Stilbene Neutron Profile Monitor in KSTAR
#1750  Cheol Ho Lee  A Study of Large Area Composite Stilbene for Fast Neutron Detection
#1753 Myungkook Moon  Thermal and Cold Neutron Spectrum Measurement by Time-of-Flight at HANARO
#1756 Donghwan Park  Delayed Neutron Effectiveness Factor for Reactivity Computer in CANDU Reactors
Tuesday, April 27, 17:00 ~ 18:30
Medical and Environmental Applications
#1058 Alex Hermanne High Yield Production of the Medical Radioisotope 167Tm by the 167Er(d,2n) Reaction
#1182 Masakatsu Yoshioka Study of Pulse Shape Discrimination of Sub-MeV Neutrons from Gamma-rays with Liquid Scintillator
#1202 Tadahiro Kin Medical RI Production Including 99Mo by Accelarator Neutrons
#1270 Udomrat Tippawan Light-Ion Production in 175 MeV Neutron-Induced Reactions on Oxygen
#1356 Guinyun Kim Production Cross-Sections of the natPd(p,x), 105,106mAg, 100,101Pd, 100,101m,105Rh Radionuclides
#1422 Guinyun Kim Yields of Fission Products in the Gamma Induced Fission of Preactinides and Actinides
#1581 G.F. Steyn Excitation Functions of Proton Induced Reactions on 89Y and 93Nb with Emphasis on the Production of Selected
#1629 Herbert Faust Cross-section Measurements for Optimized Production of 177gLu and 188W
#1640 Myung hwan Jung Study of the Anti-Angiogenic Effect by Proton Beam Irradiation.
#1641 Se-Jin Ra Activation of Proton Irradiation and Secondary Neutron Irradiation in Matters
#1647 Han Soo Kim Environmental Alpha Radiation Spectroscopy with the fabricated Si PIN-type Radiation Detector
#1660 Sang Koo Kang A Study on the Validity of GEANT4 Application to IMR by 6MeV LINAC
#1682 Minoru Sakama The Distribution of Thermal Neutron Fluxes into the Self-shielded Wall Equipped with a Medical Self-shielded PET
(Positron Emission Tomography) Cyclotron
#1695 J.W. Shin Monte Carlo Simulations for the Changes in the Cosmic-ray Flux on the Earth Surface due to the Heavy Metal Pollution
in the Atmosphere
#1709 Chul Hee Min Evaluation of Proton Interaction Data for Accurate Simulation of Prompt Gammas from Therapeutic Proton Beams
#1712 Ho Seung Song Computer Simulation of CNT Field Emitter based X-ray Spectra using FLUKA code
#1716 Yeong Heum Yeon GEANT4 Simulation for X-ray Generation of CNT Field Emission
Fission Energy Applications
#1554 Ramamoorthy Karthikeyan Sensitivity to Nuclear Data Libraries in the Physics Core Characteristics of Conceptual Thorium Breeders
#1570 Jaakko Leppänen New Data Processing Features in the Serpent Monte Carlo Code
#1597 Yang Hong Jung Analysis of a Needle-like Particles in the Crud Using EPMA
#1639 Fanxing Gao Criticality Evaluation in the Conceptual Design of Pyroprocessing Facilities
Fusion Technology Applications
#1522 Anton Wallner Production of Long-lived Radionuclides 10Be, 14C, 53Mn, 55Fe and 59,63Ni in a Fusion Environment
#1584 Suk-Kwon Kim Neutronic Analysis of the Blanket Modules for the Fusion Reactor Models
#1645 Hongsuk Chung Fusion Reactor Tritium Process System Design by Using Nuclear Data Libraries on Tritium Breeding
#1651 Dimitri Rochman Exact Nuclear Data Uncertainty Propagation for Fusion Design
Integral Experiments
#1170 Rong Liu Design of Neutronics Benchmark Experiments for Blanket of Hybrid Reactor
#1425 Seiki Ohnishi Implementation of a DT Neutron Beam at the 1st Target Room of JAEA/FNS for New Integral Benchmark Experiments
#1449 Kentaro Ochiai DT Neutronics Benchmark Experiment on Lead at JAEA-FNS
#1741 Jei-Won Yeon Effect of pH, Temperature and Dispersing Agents on the Dispersion Property of Boron Carbide Microparticles
in Aqueous Media
Uncertainty Quantification and Covariance Matrix
#1200 Winfried Zwermann Influence of Nuclear Data Uncertainties on Reactor Power Distributions
#1227 Stéphane Hilaire An Intrusive Method for the Uncertainty Propagation in Schr
#1428 Cyrille De Saint Jean Uncertainty Evaluation of Nuclear Reaction Model Parameters using Integral and Differential Measurements - Covariances Evaluation with CONRAD Code
#1549 James Benstead Propagation of Plutonium Fission Cross Section Uncertainties through a Critical Assembly Benchmark Suite
#1764 Do Heon Kim A New Trial for Covariance Data Quantification by Uncertainty Analysis of keff
Nuclear Data Measurements and Analysis
#1045   Luiz Leal Neutron Cross-Section Measurements on Structural Materials at ORELA
#1073   B. Lalremruata A Systematic Study of (n,p) Reaction Cross Sections in the Mass Region 50 to 140 from Threshold up to 20 MeV
#1074 Ferenc Ditrói Investigation of Proton and Deuteron Induced Reactions on Cobalt
#1087  Yuri Gledenov  64Zn and 67Zn (n, a) Reactions in the MeV Neutron Energy Region
#1094 Sandor Takacs Activation Cross Sections of Deuteron Induced Nuclear Reactions on Hafnium
#1165   Tsuyoshi Kajimoto Measurements of Neutron-Induced Neutron-Production Double-Differential Cross-Sections from 50 to 150 MeV
#1224   José Ubiratan Delgado Activity Standardization and Photon Emission Probability per Decay Determination of Lu-177
#1225  José Ubiratan Delgado Use of Sum-Peak and Coincidence Counting Methods for Activity Standardization of Na-22
#1273   Son Pham Ngoc Measurement of Thermal Neutron Cross-Sections and Resonance Integrals of the 69Ga(n, γ)70Ga and 71Ga(n, γ)72Ga Reactions at Dalat Research Reactor
#1283   Se-Hwan Park Neutron Total Cross Section Measurement of Holmium and Comparison with R-matrix Analysis
#1295   Shoji Nakamura Measurements of Neutron-Capture Cross-Sections of Palladium isotopes at the J-PARC/MLF/NNRI
#1301   Jun-ichi Hori Measurement of Neutron Capture Gamma-rays from the Resonances of 96Zr and 91Zr at the J-PARC/MLF/NNRI
#1303   Yoshiaki Kiyanagi Nuclear Data Project in Japan Titled by 'Study on Nuclear Data by Using a High Intensity Pulsed Neutron Source for Advanced Nuclear System', and the Characteristics of the Neutron Beam Line for the Capture Cross Section Experiments at J-PARC
#1311 Daisuke Moriguchi Measurement of Neutron-Production Cross Sections for 290 MeV/u Carbon Ion Incidence
#1345 Daniel Cano-Ott Improved Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements with the n TOF Total Absorption Calorimeter
#1357  Kwangsoo Kim Excitation Functions for the 27Al(p, x)22,24Na Nuclear Reactions up to 40 MeV
#1359  Maria Celeste Fornaciari Iljadica The Consistency of the Data for Neutron Fission Averaged Cross-Sections of Threshold Reactions
#1366  Arjan Plompen Neutron-Deuteron Elastic Scattering Measurements
#1381 Kaoru Y. Hara  Prompt Gamma Rays Emitted from the Neutron Capture Reaction of 74Ge
#1390 Hideo Harada Measurement of (γ, n) Cross Sections of Se Isotopes Using Laser-Compton Scattering γ-rays
#1394 Manwoo Lee Measurement of Neutron Total Cross-Sections for Dy with a New DAQ System Based on FADC
#1396 Quanlin Shi The Measurement of Gamma Emission Probabilities of Lu-173 and Lu-174
#1401 Kazuya Tahara Measurement of Proton-production Double Differential Cross Sections by 290 MeV/u Carbon Beams on C, Cu and Pb Targets
at Forward Angles
#1419 Taeik Ro Neutron Capture Cross-Section Measurements and Resonance Parameters of Gadolinium
#1453 M. Galan Application of the Largest Consistent Subset Method to Discrepant Half-life and Emission Probabilities Datasets
#1481 A.R. Junghans A Global Study of the Electric Dipole Strength in Heavy Nuclei
#1482 Ralf Nolte Elastic and Inelastic Neutron Scattering Cross Sections for natPb, 209Bi and 181Ta in the Energy Range from 2 MeV to 4 MeV
#1487 Christopher Dean Evaluation of Neutron Cross Sections for Hafnium in the Resolved Resonance Range
#1495 Bernhard Scholten Cross Section Measurements of Proton Induced Reactions on 55Mn and Comparison of Experimental Results with Different Nuclear
Model Calculations
#1507 Olivier Litaize Statistical Analysis of a set of Actinide Resolved Resonance Parameters in Conrad Code
#1536  Shiho Asai Post Irradiation Examination for Inventory Estimation of 79Se and 135Cs in High-Level Radioactive Wastes
#1555  Seung Kyu Lee Measurement of Neutron Total Neutron Cross Sections of Pure Ag and Ni in the Energy Ranges from 0.7 MeV to 2.2 MeV
#1630 Gi-dong Kim Measurement of Neutron Total Cross Sections for natTi, natFe, and natCu in the Energy Regions from 0.7 MeV to 1.2 MeV
#1634 Yonghee Kim Measurements of the 14N(α, α)14N, 14N(α, p)17O, and 14N(α, d)16O Cross Sections Using a 14N Beam
#1643 Teakeun Yang Measurement of Neutron Total Cross Section for natBi and natTa at 0.7-1.2MeV Neutron Beam
#1661 Junghun Park Activation Cross Section Measurements of 16O(n,t) above 18.1 MeV up to 33.1 MeV
#1677  Eva Šimečková On Low and Medium Energy Deuteron-induced Reactions on 63,65Cu
 #1697 Jeong-Yeon Lee Measurements of Thermal Neutron Capture Cross Sections of Low Abundance Stable Isotopes
Thursday, April 29 17:00 ~ 18:30
Nuclear Structure and Decay Data
#1122 Alexander Svirikhin Neutron Multiplicity at Spontaneous Fission of 246Fm
#1176 Marilena Avrigeanu Key Issues of Pre-equilibrium Emission for Consistent Description of the Neutron-Induced Reactions on the Cr Isotopes
#1190 Hiroaki Hayashi  Development of Total Absorption Detector Using Clover Detector for Qβ Measurements
#1210 Yevgen Skakun Half-lives of the Isomeric Pair 102m,gRh
#1248 Neil Summers Gamma Spectrum from Neutron Capture on Tungsten Isotopes
#1290 Sergey Badikov Completeness and Consistency of Existing Decay Data Bases
#1448  Tayyab Mahmood Depletion and Decay Analysis of Pakistan Research Reactor-2 (PARR-2) with HEU and LEU Fuel
#1512  Stéphane Hilaire Nuclear Structure Properties with the Gogny Force
#1568 Roberto Capote Renewed Data-Base of GDR Parameters for Atomic Nuclei
#1580  Myung-Ki Cheoun Theoretical Calculation of the Anomalous Magnetic Moments of Baryons in Heavy Ion Collision
#1612 C.-B. Moon  Various Isomers in Doubly Odd I Isotopes
#1619  K. Tshoo Measurement of the Unbound Excited States of the Most Neutron-rich Oxygen Isotope 24O
#1623 Eunja Ha Exotic Nuclear Structure by the Deformed BCS and RPA
Space, Cosmic-ray Applications, Radiation Effects on Electronics
#1188  Yukinobu Watanabe Characterization of ANITA and QMN Neutron Beams at TSL Using Proton Recoil Techniques
#1198 Shin-ichiro Abe Applicability of Nuclear Reaction Models Implemented in PHITS to Simulations on Single-Event Effects
#1262  Shusuke Hirayama Light-ion Production From a Thin Silicon Target Bombarded by 175 MeV Quasi Mono-Energetic Neutrons
#1674  Seung-chan Oh Transient Dose effects and Total Ionizing Dose Effects Evaluation of the CMOS SRAMs for Space/Military Application
#1690 Sang Mook Kang  Fabrication and Evaluation of 4H-SiC Schottky-Type Neutron Detector for Harsh Radiation Fields
#1692 Hyun Jin Lee  Evaluation of Pulsed-Radiation Damage on NAND Logic IC
Astrophysics and Cosmology Applications
#1494 Michael Smith  Close Coupling of Data Evaluation and Processing with Astrophysics Research at ORNL
#1591 J.L. Tain The Role of Fe and Ni for S-Process Nucleosynthesis and Innovative Nuclear Technologies
#1598 Myung-Ki Cheoun  Proto-Neutron Star with Trapped Neutrinos
#1602 Young-Min Kim Gravitational Waves in Neutron Star-Black Hole Binary Mergers: The Role of Neutron Star Equations of State
#1603 Hee-Suk Cho Determination of the NS Equation of States from the Merger of Neutron Star-Black Hole binary.
Safeguards and Security
#1689  Younggwan Hwang The Enhancement of Stereo X-ray Images Using the Numerical Phantom for the Inspection System
#1701 Nam Young Kim Performance Study of Gamma-ray Imager Using Gridded Collimator for Near-Field Imaging
#1761 Bo-Young Han Analysis of a Fission Neutron Distribution for a measurement of Mixed Nuclear Material Composition
#1762 Kwang Pyo Hong Development of Tagged Neutron Inspection System (TANIS) for Detection Explosive Materials in Air-Passenger Luggage
Accelerator-related Applications
#1030  Mihee Jo LYSO Beam-Imaging Detector for Proton Radiography
#1496 Sylvie Leray Improved Predictions of Helium and Tritium Production for Spallation Targets
#1573  Chang Je Park Optimization of Plate Target Parameters for the Lead Slowing Down Time Spectrometer(LSDTS)
#1644 Sang-pil Yoon The Study on Production Yield of Sr-82, Cu-67, Ge-68 and Radioactivity of Irradiated Target Stacks at the 100 MeV
Isotope Facility
#1650  Kye-Ryung Kim  Feasibility Study on the Pulsed Proton Beam Utilization for the Thin Layer Activation Technique
#1696  J.W. Shin SEU Test of Semiconductors Using MC50 Cyclotron with Geant4 Simulation.
#1704 Namho Lee Radiation Effect Test on Electronics Using a Direct Electron Beam from an Accelerator Instead of Gamma Rays
#1711 Hyo Jeong Choi Design of Low Level RF System for the cyclotron
#1713 Hyun Wook Kim Design Study of Cyclotron Magnet for 4MeV Deuteron Beam
#1715 Byeong No Lee Design of Neutron Targets with the 4 MeV Cyclotron for BNCT
#1717 Doyoon Kim Study of the Production Rate of the Secondary Particles Generated from the Target Material with Heavy Ion Source
Using Monte Carlo Code
#1738 Tu Anh Trinh Development of a Compact Heavy Ion Accelerator for Nuclear Data Research
#1740 Jae Keun Kil Platinum Nano Particle Synthesis by Proton Beam Irradiation
Nuclear Theories, Models and Data Evaluation
#1021 Hyeong Il Kim Evaluation of Neutron Cross Section with Uncertainties for Complete Cm Isotopic Family
#1026 young-Sik Cho  Practical Method for Estimating Nuetron Cross Section Covariances in the Resonance Region
#1034 Myagmarjav Odsuren  Statistical Model Analysis of (n, p) Cross Sections Averaged over the Fission Neutron Spectrum
#1043  Yinlu Han  Theoretical Calculations of Cross Section and Spectrum for n+238U Reaction up to 150 MeV
#1082  Vladimir Maslov  Symmetric/Asymmetric p- and n-Induced Fission of Th, Pa, U, Np, Pu
#1113  Sergey Sukhoruchkin  QCD-Based Approach to the Evaluation of Neutron Resonance Parameters
#1173  Takaaki Ohsawa  Multimodal Analysis of Prompt and Delayed Neutron Emission in Fission
#1238  Ramona Vogt  Generalized Energy-Dependent Q Values for Fission
#1258  Satoshi Kunieda  Applicability of Pre-equilibrium Coalescence Model to Evaluation of Alpha-particle Production Cross Sections
#1300  Korovin Yury  Modified IOTA Code to Simulate Radiation Damage in the Structural Materials of ADS
#1302 A.Yu. Konobeyev  Computational Approach for the Evaluation of Nuclear Data Including Covariance Information
#1307 A.Yu. Konobeyev  Implementation of the Geometry Dependent Hybrid Model in TALYS
#1308 Oleg Grudzevich  Fission Fragment Formation and Fission Yields in Nucleon-Induced Reactions up to 1 GeV
#1337 Zhang Zhengjun  Calculations of Proton Induced on Target 184W up to 250 MeV
#1339  Weili Sun  A Semi-Microscopic Global Nucleon Optical Potential for the Mass Range of A=28-90
#1346  Denise Neudecker  Excitation-Dependent Nucleon-Nucleus Optical Potentials
#1384 Nobuyuki Iwamoto Updated Nuclear Data of Lanthanoids in Fission Products for JENDL-4.0
#1424 Stephane Goriely  Impact of the Phonon Coupling on the Dipole Strength and Radiative Neutron Capture
#1437  C.M. Mattoon Neutron Cross-Section Sensitivities of 23Na for Nuclear Data Assimilation
#1439  C.M. Mattoon Consistent Set of Neutron Cross Section Covariances for Structural Material
#1457 Guinyun Kim Neutron-Nucleus Scattering Total Cross Sections
#1473  Tokio Fukahori  Unified Description of Fission Probability for the Intermediate-energy Nuclear Data Evaluation
#1574 Ruirui Xu  Theoretical Analysis of Neutron Double-Differential Cross Sections of n +9Be Reactions
#1600  Chang Ho Hyun Weak Interactions of the Nucleon with Effective Field Theories
#1649  Dooyoung Kim Empirical Formula Extended to the Yrast Excitaion Energies of the Unnatural Parity States in Even-Even Nuclei
#1676  Michal Herman Fission Cross-section Calculations of Actinides Using EMPIRE Code
#1678  Roberto Capote Global Comparison of EMPIRE and TALYS Code Calculations with Measured Proton-Induced Reaction Cross Sections
at Energies up to 150 MeV
#1691  Sugie Shim  Systematic Dirac Analysis of Proton Scatterings from Deformed Nuclei
#1757  Hyeong Il Kim Nuclear Data Evaluations for Silicon Isotopes Induced by Proton, Deuteron and Alpha